13th Newquay Heron Open - Day 4

Day 4 Dylan B

Tom - managed to get a bye for the first round of the Under 18 Singles. Today's match was the the second round match which Tom won 62 62, playing against a higher rated opponent. This was a good match after a long day of waiting but Tom played a solid game all round today & didn’t give his opponent many chances.

Dylan - played 2 rounds of Under 18 Singles winning both. The first round was a good performance from Dylan who was moving very well from the back of the court and not making many mistakes. His second round saw him take on a young player who was seeded 7th in this event. Another good performance from Dylan saw him win 62 64, he was using his superor strength to his advantage as well as finishing points off at the net when he had a chance.

Scott - no matches today but had a light practise in the middle of the day, is also playing the semis of mens doubles tomorrow afternoon.