12U County Cup Boys 2016

2016 U12 BoysThe U12 boys team competed superbly throughout the weekend at Frinton-on-sea.

The Channel Islands were second match on against Bedfordshire . Oliver Rothwell, playing at 2, got the team off to a fantastic start winning against a higher ranked opponent on a first set tie-break.

Louis Keenan, at only 10 years old, fought valiantly against a tough opponent but went down in straight sets, 0-4 1-4 not being helped by a collision into the back fence in the first set.

Asa Tribe our number 1 ranked player, played a very close game but ultimately came through in straight sets 4-2 4-1 thanks enlarge to his tactical play.

Pieter-Roux our sole Guernsey competitor, played a great game as our No 3 seed, using his backhand to good effect but ultimately lost 2-4 1-4.

The first day ended abruptly due to heavy thunderstorms and play was suspended until the following day.

Another rain interrupted day seeing the boys came on and off the court countless times.  An earlier than usual start saw the commencement of the vital doubles game which saw Oli and Asa team up and they built a good lead, Asa with his consistent volleys and Oli's returns saw them overcome a resilient opposition but came out victorious 4-1 4-2.

Next up were Suffolk a strong team, however the Channel Islands put up a great display against them, especially Oli Rothwell.  Having won the first set 4-1 he conceded the next set to the same score and went to the wire with Oli pulling through 10-8 in the breaker to claim our only victory.

To decide 3rd and fourth the Channel Islands faced off against Essex, another strong county team.  The boys all played incredibly well, with none of the scores reflecting their actual performances.  Asa did a particularly good job against their number 1, drawing praise from their coach at the end of the game saying that it was the most competitive match his player had all weekend.

All of the team played a fantastic part in a successful weekend and it was credit that they finished 4th out of 6 in a fiercely competitive division.  Their support and portsmanship was brilliant throughout the entire weekend and should feel very proud of their achievements.


Louis Keenan
Bedfordshire 0-4 1-4
Suffolk 0-4 1-4
Doubles Suffolk 2-4 1-4 (Asa)

Ollie Rothwell
Bedfordshire 4-1 1-4 10-6
Doubles Bedfordshire 4-1 4-2 (Asa)
Essex 0-4 1-4
Suffolk 4-0 1-4 10-8
Doubles Suffolk 0-4 4-1 12-14 (Pieter)

Bedfordshire 1-4 2-4
Essex lost 0-4 2-4
Suffolk lost 0-4 1-4
Doubles Suffolk lost 0-4 4-1 12 -14 (Ollie)

Asa Tribe
Bedfordshire 4-2 4-1
Doubles Bedfordshire 4-1 4-2
Suffolk 3-5 2-4
Essex 0-4 0-4
Doubles Essex 2-4 1-4
Suffolk 2-4 5-4 (7-3) 3-10