Jeux des Iles 2016 Mallorca - Day 1

Tuesday , was a long day of traveling getting up at 5am to get the red eye to Gatwick and then transfer to Heathrow to catch the 11.15am flight to Mallorca.

We arrived on time and after accreditation at the airport we had a bus transfer on to our hotel The Atlantic park in Magaluf! Hotel was good and we also managed to get two hours practise on the clay courts at the Vilas tennis academy.

As usual at these events nothing seems to run as planned and a planned coaches meeting at 10.15pm never happened as the referee hadn’t arrived.

Next morning, I found out that the meeting was now planned for 8.30am at the tennis courts, so with no bus taking the teams there we had to manage with cars making two or three journeys.

The draw was made in about 5 mins with no meeting held! Both Jersey boys and girls teams drawn in the top half of the draw and both against Mallorca the home team!

The number 1’s of each team play first, so Aidan Varela and Natasha Forrest we on court first against strong opposition. Both Aidan and Natasha struggled with the strength of their opponents, Aidan going 0-4 and Natasha being 1-6 in the first half hour, they both stuck in and battled better and even though they both lost in straight sets both improved.

Andrew Roxburgh and Antonija Sokic playing number 2 followed on afterwards, Andrew started well and worked hard making his opponent break down by his consistency but at 3 all he was broken and lost the first set 3-6. The second set was much the same Andrew trying to battle and make his opponent work hard but he went down 3-6 3-6.

Antonija , was up against a very strong Mallorcan number two who in my opinion was just as strong as the number 1. She gave it her all and battled for every point but her Opponent was physically just so strong and Antonija went down 0-6 0-6.

Even though we had lost both Matches doubles was still played, again we lost both matches but you could tell all the players had lost a bit of fear and were competing at a better level.

So the boys lost 0-3 to Mallorca and the Girls lost 0-3 to Mallorca.

Both had played of the strongest teams in the competition and even though we lost, every player gave it all they had and everyone had got something out of it in terms of experience and learning something about playing on clay at an international level.

Let’s see who we play tomorrow!