Jeux des Iles 2016 Mallorca - Day 3

Both Girls and boys in action today in a final consolation match.

The girls were on court first both Antonija and Natasha starting their singles at the same time against a very strong Sicilian team who in the past have always finished in first or second place.

The Sicilians girls who were both 16 years old physically very strong on clay were put to the test by both Antonija and Natasha with the first few games always in the balance with good competitive points being played but both girls lost the first sets 1-6. Second set Natasha started to play with more aggression and got to 4 all but unfortunately one break of serve at 4-5 lost her the match 1-6 4-6.

Antonija, also fought hard chasing down everything her opponent threw at her, she got to sudden death deuce point so many times but couldn't quite win that decisive point and lost 1-6 2-6.

Even though the girls lost both matches, they came up against very strong players who were ranked highly in their respective countries, they both fought hard and gave everything on court and should have learnt alot from competing against such good competition they wouldn't get even if they played the top in their age groups in uk ir France.

After the singles, they played doubles together and still varying the disappointment from the singles they started slowly but fought again to get back to 4all in second set but again one break of serve meant the score finished 0-6 4-6.

Tomorrow, is the final for first and second between Mallorca and Balearics islands.

Day 3 Girls 1 Day 3 Girls 2


Day three for the boys was a play of final consolation against Martinique boys.

Aidan started off for the boys against the number one from Martinique. His strong game soon saw him take control of the match, the Martinique boy couldn't cope with his weight of shot. The first set went quickly 6-0 to Jersey, Aidans main thing now was to keep his focus during the second set, which he did and this gave him a 6-0 6-0 victory and a good start to the gaining 4th place in the competition.

Andrew started off trying to take the same form as he had shown yesterday in his practise match. Even though he had problems with holding serve to start with he managed to sort them out and take the first set 6-2. He continued in this positive but solid play and was too strong for his opponent securing the two love lead and the match against Martinique.

The doubles was a much closer affair, the boys taking the first set easily but then fell asleep second set! They go it together again to win the match 6-2 7-5 and won overall 3-0!

And finish fourth!

Tomorrow, is finals day but again the coach from Azores and I have spoken to each other and have arranged a reverse singles match against each other for the morning, both Girls and Boys.

Day 3 Boys 1  Day 3 Boys 2